• The Changing Face Of My Brand Loyalty
    I used to be quite brand-loyal, with British Airways, for example, a favorite. But that's shifted as airlines have drifted to a very mediocre middle.
  • You Were Right, Walt Mossberg: The Cookie Did Not Improve Online Advertising
    Browser cookies are effectively going away as a tool for managing online advertising.
  • A Message To Marketers: Get Your Doctorate In Popular Culture
    When you study popular culture, you learn to understand what motivates people. Popular culture measures the zeitgeist of the masses.
  • Photos: Past, Present And Future
    Some 110 years after a memorable family portrait was taken, my family also took many new photos so we could remember this reunion in the future.
  • Building Authentic Brand Impact With Video
    NGOs, nonprofits, and brands need a new chair in the C suite: CSO, chief storytelling officer.
  • Yes, It's Possible To Change Your Company Culture -- But Don't Expect It To Be Easy
    What does it take? An iron will, a total commitment, and a willingness to have courageous conversations,
  • Continued Consolidation Of TV Industry Means More Focus On Ad Tech
    The ViacomCBS reunion is likely to follow a game plan well known to industry followers, and not unlike what happened when Comcast bought and integrated NBCUniversal almost 10 years ago.
  • Caring About Privacy Is NOT A Post On Social Media
    If you say you care about privacy, you should take some responsibility for understanding and aligning your behavior with your point of view.
  • Speaking OF SEO
    How search optimization will change -- but in many ways still remain the same.
  • Customers Vote With Their Cash
    A notably secretive Wall Street private equity player has been somewhat mysteriously buying up many of the brands and companies in the weapons industry.
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