• Finding The Limits Of Freedom Of Speech
    Every society has limits on free speech. Even in the U.S., that right won't help you if you're caught with child pornography on your computer.
  • Platform-Driven TV Advertising Is Mainstreaming, Finally
    Among signs of mainstreaming: Virtually every TV network, major media agency and top 100 advertiser now has an advanced TV ad strategy.
  • How MySpace Inadvertently Launched Billie Eilish
    MySpace set the stage not only for the future of social media, but also for the democratization of music on the internet.
  • Catching Travel By The Long Tail
    Long-Tail economics don't necessarily apply equally to every marketplace. Take travel, for instance.
  • LinkedIn's 9/11 Marketing Fail
    I reached out to LinkedIn and asked if the choice of 9/11 for a marketing webinar was inadvertent or strategic.
  • The Changing Face Of My Brand Loyalty
    I used to be quite brand-loyal, with British Airways, for example, a favorite. But that's shifted as airlines have drifted to a very mediocre middle.
  • You Were Right, Walt Mossberg: The Cookie Did Not Improve Online Advertising
    Browser cookies are effectively going away as a tool for managing online advertising.
  • A Message To Marketers: Get Your Doctorate In Popular Culture
    When you study popular culture, you learn to understand what motivates people. Popular culture measures the zeitgeist of the masses.
  • Photos: Past, Present And Future
    Some 110 years after a memorable family portrait was taken, my family also took many new photos so we could remember this reunion in the future.
  • Building Authentic Brand Impact With Video
    NGOs, nonprofits, and brands need a new chair in the C suite: CSO, chief storytelling officer.
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