• Mass Personalization Comes To The Pharmacy
    Patrick McLean, CMO of Walgreens, provided a roadmap that was both surprising and inspirational at the DPAA conference.
  • Dave Chappelle And The Messiness Of Ethics
    The Chappelle controversy reminds us that there are ethical dilemmas we have yet to grapple with -- areas where we don't, in fact, know our own ethics.
  • Let's Not Screw This Up
    Now, more than ever, as ad tech invades the world's media screens of choice, it needs to clean up what it does poorly.
  • The Art Of Data-Driven Storytelling
    I've seen some of the greatest ideas end up on the cutting room floor because one person said "I don't like that one." Data removes that subjectivity.
  • The Terrors Of New Technology
    My neighbor has had a connected, high-end electric sports car for about a week. He still can't figure out how to use it.
  • My Dog's Right To Poop In Public
    In small towns and big cities, the battle over masking up and vaccine mandates are in many ways no different than the fight to block the pooper-scooper law.
  • A Call To Advertise Responsibly In Digital
    Marketers will need to be overt and purposeful about drawing digital advertising red lines, and transparently publish how well they have done.
  • Why The Media Should Care About Crypto
    Media companies should watch the crypto space very carefully. I believe they will be watching their own future.
  • Can AI Solve The Jobs Problem?
    Can AI replace the roles you have open, or at least allow you to reallocate your people to roles that are more valuable?
  • Friendship, Uncoupled
    With social media, friendship is now many steps removed from its physical, intimate and organic roots. It is stripped of the context in which it evolved.
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