• GDPR's Impact On Your Inbox
    My inbox is exploding with GDPR notices, but does ignoring these emails and refusing to click and accept these new policies mean the end of junk mail in my inbox? Unfortunately, the answer is no.
  • Why Do Good People Become Bad Online?
    Whether we like it or not, online connection engenders some decidedly bad behavior. It's one of those unintended consequences that I like to talk about -- a behavioral side effect that's catalyzed by technology. And, if this is the case, we should know a little more about the psychology behind this behavior.
  • Facebook's Actions Fail To Align With Zuck's Grander Visions
    "Facebook stands for bringing us closer together and building a global community," said founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his 2017 manifesto. He went on to describe, at length, the role the social network can play in helping people build supportive, safe, informed, civically engaged, and inclusive communities. It was a warm and fuzzy vision of the world, seen by many as an indication that Zuckerberg was preparing a political move. To some, however, Zuckerberg's manifesto seemed the height of irony.
  • The Levy Solution: Spend 5% Of TV Budgets On Audience-Based Delivery
    The world of television advertising is undergoing dramatic change, and one of its top executives is taking a page out of history to help fix it.
  • Voice Is The New Black
    Media has to change every couple of years, or it gets old. We had print, then radio, then TV. Along came the Internet, then mobile - and now it's voice, an entirely new medium that will disrupt everything that has come before, but maybe not in the same way as previous disruptions you've witnessed.
  • The View From The Other Side
    After a lifetime in marketing, I am now sitting on the other side of the table. Actually, I'm sitting on all sides of the table. In my newest venture it's just me, so I have to do everything. And I don't mind telling you -- I'm overwhelmed. These
  • Can Robots Do Journalism?
    Can computers do journalism? Probably not. But can computers help journalists? The answer would certainly be yes. I set out to explore the edges of where machines and media are connecting at the NYC Media Lab's Machines + Media conference, sponsored by Bloomberg.
  • Nielsen Ratings Are Dead -- Long Live Audience-Targeting Capabilities?
    Turner Broadcasting president David Levy and other Turner executives are suggesting the industry should do away with the Nielsen rating. That is quite a shocking idea. Not so much that the rating has to evolve -- it must. But to kill the Nielsen rating is a similar seismic shift to when the EU adopted the euro, and the French franc and other local currencies went away.
  • Answers To Some Great Questions About Outcome-Based TV Ad Selling
    "How can anyone promise sales outcomes -- and then also work with your competitors?" That was one of several questions posed by Joe Marchese on big industry stages this week, first at the Fox upfront presentation and again at Luma Partners' Digital Media Summit.
  • The Benefits Of A Shrinking Ad-Tech Landscape
    There may not be a dot-com bubble to burst anymore, but we are certainly entering into a period of consolidation and possibly reduction in the overall number of vendors around for you to spend your dollars on. In my humble opinion, this is a good thing.
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