• The (Continuing) Importance Of Brand
    Brand power is awesome, yet most marketers focus on on the back end of the sales funnel - chasing a sale.
  • You Were Right, Walt Mossberg: The Cookie Did Not Improve Online Advertising
    Browser cookies are effectively going away as a tool for managing online advertising.
  • Duration Weighting Could Lead To Better Creative
    Duration weighting provides an opportunity for the media and creative to be more aligned. For a video to be watched all the way through, placement and audience have to align, but the message itself must be engaging.
  • The Inevitability Of The Pendulum Effect
    Politically and socially, we're in the middle of a swing to the right. But this will be countered inevitably with a swing to the left.
  • Facebook Breaks The Bank
    Here comes Libra -- a planned digital currency developed by Facebook, designed to run on the Libra blockchain. But leaders in the crypto space are hardly cheering Facebook's arrival.
  • The Difference Between Free Speech And Amplification
    People are entitled to freedom of expression. But surely private social media sites like Facebook don't have to amplify it?
  • Future Of Agency Business Is With Small And Mid-Sized Regionals
    With the rise of holding companies, what began as a collection of high-value, boutique consultancies became merchant banks.
  • Cannes And The Great Ad-Tech Vacation
    This annual pilgrimage to Cannes is followed closely by one to two weeks of advertising hibernation, when executives go on their respective European vacations.
  • How Decoupling Changed What Advertisers Need
    What's disrupting the agency model? The decoupling of the advertising supply chain and the flip of an advertiser's need from the vertical to the horizontal.
  • David Picker: The 5th Beatle
    Reliving the legacy of David Picker, one of the most powerful and prolific producers working inside the movie business.
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