• Profitable Pet Tech Rises
    Pet products are a big market and only getting bigger, which is why the the VC community is chasing the next big dog thing.
  • How The Media Destroys Trust -- And How We Can Build It Back Up
    In latest Edelman Trust Barometer, journalists were the second least-trusted leadership group; 67% think journalists are purposely trying to mislead people.
  • Don't Leave Any Demo Behind In Alt Measurement Movement
    For example, Pew research informs us that Black, Hispanic and lower-income households are significantly less likely to have fixed broadband in their homes.
  • Publishers, Please Do A Better Job With Auto-Play Video Content
    The challenge is when you have multiple auto-play video spots on a single page, and they start competing with one another. This gets annoying very quickly.
  • Why Outre Is Now En Vogue
    Outrage -- or, as the French say, "outre" -- sells. The more outrageous it is, the better it seems to work on social media.
  • Watching Sundance At Home
    Sundance went all virtual again. I watched three films, each powerful, complicated, and memorable in its own right.
  • Metaverse, Schmetaverse: This Too Shall Pass
    Spoiler alert: The metaverse is not going to completely alter the marketing universe, as much as industry pundits want you to believe it will.
  • My Wish List For The Alt Measurement Movement
    These are exciting times for media measurement. After decades of no change, now major players are clamoring to change everything all at once.
  • How NFTs Will Save The Music Business
    Still, the challenge I see with NFT music is exactly how and where to listen to it.
  • Social Media Snakes On a Plane
    Did you hear the one about the plane full of unmasked social media influencers that left Montreal headed for a party in Cancun?
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