• Why Do Henchmen Remain Loyal?
    Each of Trump's henchmen has an ideal Bond villain counterpart.
  • Your Next Hire: Chief Serendipitist
    A serendipitist's magic: He gets another round of drinks, and finds a new customer. He heads to the bathroom, and comes back with a sponsor for your charity event.
  • TV Must Retool Now: Lessons Not Learned By U.S. Automakers In '70s
    The auto industry was hit hard by high gasoline prices and foreign competition in the '70s. And this is now TV's energy crisis moment.
  • The Social (Advertising) Dilemma(s)
    Will advertisers continue to support a medium that has been proven detrimental to the mental health of their target audience?
  • Friendship, Uncoupled
    With social media, friendship is now many steps removed from its physical, intimate and organic roots. It is stripped of the context in which it evolved.
  • Did Gig Workers Lose Out On California Prop 22?
    Prop 22 was supposed to be a law that would give gig employees more rights. But the actual benefits it provided were terrible -- and confusing.
  • What 2020 Election Polls Might Indicate About Consumer Research
    What if consumer research suffers from the same issues that caused the polls to be so wrong, again?
  • What A CTV Future Will Look Like
    Quite likely, CTV platforms will dominate not just the world of ad inserted into streamed content on TVs, but ads inserted into all TV content.
  • Media Changes Its Role In Politics -- Immediately
    The hard work begins now as the media plays its part in trying to help heal a divided country.
  • Dear United States: You Should Think Differently About Public Broadcasting
    In my ongoing discussion about how to support true and reliable journalism, there is one option I haven't talked about: public broadcasting.
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