• What I Learned From (Almost) Being Kidnapped
    When I was four years old, I was the subject of an attempted kidnapping. It wasn't one of those well-organized kidnap-for-ransom type deals; it was just random bad luck.
  • 'Slava Ukraini!' Why You Should Care
    "Victory to Ukraine" is critical. If the U.S. doesn't recommence its aid in a full-scale way, the Russia axis will grow, and we will lose the world's growth markets.
  • A Testing Reminder For The New Year
    Most people forget a simple fact: You have to isolate variables to get a good test. Each test you run must be focused on proving or disproving a hypothesis.
  • A Column About Nothing
    Products from Nothing, the London-based tech start-up, are very good, but not uniquely good. The Nothing phones are just capable mid-range smartphones.
  • AI's 2024 Marketing Predictions -- And Why The Duke Mayo Bowl Is So Ridic
    Dear marketers: These investments in college bowl games, with their ridiculous names (Tax Slayer Gator Bowl?) are all a colossal waste of money.
  • Deciphering The $1 Trillion Global Ad Spend Projection
    Given the dynamism around where the ad spend growth will go, what it could mean for each of you depends where you sit in the ad ecosystem.
  • The Ad Industry Should Be Comfortable In Its Own Skin
    Not everyone is "accredited" and not every impression is "verified," but the audience who sees our messages delivered in new and interesting ways really doesn't care.
  • The Branding Case Study Of David Beckham
    The documentary "Beckham" revealed some interesting truths about branding. More than anything, it showed that brand value is determined in the public market.
  • The Power Of Fiction
    As the news of the day becomes overwhelming, I find myself looking to fiction as a means of intellectual escape.
  • Finding Peace In Challenging Times
    Understanding drives accountability. Accountability creates space for compassion. Compassion is fundamental to peace.
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