• All That's Good In Advertising Today
    This special week, with Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner, is a good time to celebrate all that's special in advertising.
  • Get Ready For Your Business To Experience AI Transformation
    First off, you need to understand who in the organization should take the lead. In most cases, this will be IT.
  • Minding The Gap: How Amazon Mastered the Market By Being Physical
    Key to its success, Amazon connected the physical and digital worlds, filling the gap between purchase and physical fulfillment.
  • Douglas Rushkoff: Battle of Humans Vs. Technology
    We're in serious trouble, said Rushkoff: We've let tech run amok. We need to stop blaming tech, and start embracing the team that matters: Team Human.
  • The Fragmentation Of Viewing Audiences And The Ad Sales Conundrum
    Let's say you're the CEO of a TV company. How do you grapple with programmatic, becoming less ad-dependent, launching a VOD platform?
  • Digital Ad Marketplaces Don't Work For TV
    Why have some of the world's largest tech companies failed at bringing marketplace technology to TV? To me, the answer is pretty straightforward.
  • Where Is All The Great Online Creative?
    The web is not a stand-alone channel for big brand advertisers. Could it become one some time again?
  • A Year On The Inside
    What have we Media insiders been talking about? I wondered that myself, so I did a tally and grouped all last year's columns into 10 broad categories.
  • Why 5G Matters
    If the rollout can proceed without getting screwed up by the marketing folks, it might just be pretty important. Even, dare I say it, a game-changer.
  • Your Klout Is Gone, Your Skorr Sucks: Why A Reputation Product Is Rubbish
    I am not a fan of standalone reputation protocols -- even if they are decentralized and immutable.
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