• Future Of CTV Ads: All About Yield, Relevance, Reach, NOT Real-Time Bidding
    That means probably 95% of the tech stack that powers the real-time programmatic world won't be needed.
  • How ABBA Will Live Forever
    The times they a changin' -- the immortal words of Dylan, whose immortal image could be seen performing electric for the first time for generations of kids to come.
  • As 'The Office' Goes, What Will Go With It?
    A virtual workplace seems to be all upside, but the downsides are starting to show through the cracks created by unintended consequences.
  • Data Privacy Deadly Serious Now, Says Cory Booker
    Urgency about data privacy is driven by the Supreme Court's decision to tear down the landmark Roe vs. Wade ruling.
  • Media Measurement: One Currency? Multiple? Does It Matter?
    In today's world, we seem to be easing into a model in which each platform has its own set of metrics and methodologies.
  • Past Cannes
    The Cannes world is far away from the life of the consumers around whom brands and their advertising should center.
  • Apple Bends It Like... MLS?
    You may or may not have heard, but Ted Lasso is no longer the only soccer star on Apple TV+. Will MLS be the first pillar of live-streaming for Apple?
  • 'Minority Report' Might Be Here -- 30 Years Early
    Can we use social media to preempt crime by identifying those likely to commit violent behavior?
  • Garfield Got It Right
    I wonder if larger organizations that produce media now have less of a taste for curmudgeonly journalists willing to poke their finger at the comfort zones of polite society.
  • What Crypto Gets Wrong About Trust
    It's not uncommon at all for major issues in crypto to require human intervention -- to require human trust.
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