• As Deepfakes Get Better, The Onus Is On Us To Determine Trustworthiness
    Deepfakes have become terrifyingly good, as in a video of Nixon delivering the speech he would have given if the moon lander had crashed.
  • This Is The Time To (Re)Read 'Snow Crash' And 'Understanding Media'
    In times of great change, developing a perspective can be much more valuable than just taking lots of actions for the sake of being active.
  • Hollywood And The Post-Pandemic World of Media
    The post-pandemic landscape involves the evolution of many of the innovative ideas we will be seeing these next few months.
  • What Would Aaron Do?
    What can writer and "Newsroom" creator Aaron Sorkin teach us these days?
  • Dog Days Of Summer
    Why not use the heat, and the hounds, to explore some trends?
  • Why Advertisers Should Care About Agency Scope
    Let's examine how and where you - the advertiser - are probably at fault and are doing damage to your own business.
  • Vikings Know How To Run Newspaper Companies
    Reading the news about Schibsted's latest acquisition took me back almost 25 years to my first interactions with Scandinavian newspaper executives.
  • We Are All Witnesses To The Death Of TV
    Hollywood's original scripted shows are paused or on hold. Sports is trying desperately to come back. There are too many choices people don't understand.
  • How We Forage For The News We Want
    A new report shows that the majority of us don't trust the news we get through social media - but most times, we're okay with that.
  • Trump: A Childhood of Abuse
    Mary Trump's book is not a presidential takedown, but an extraordinarily thoughtful, detailed, story about a deeply flawed family.
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