• Consolidation Or Liquidation?
    The ad-tech industry is ripe for consolidation, right? Maybe not. Maybe the industry is most ripe for a bunch of liquidations. Here is why:
  • Will Siri Run The Show In 2024?
    Generative AI paves the way for far more robust voice assistants with more elegant and accurate responses.
  • Getting From A To Zen
    Don't let that Type A world intrude when trying to slow down to find that inner connection.
  • A Tale Of Two Parades
    There is the on-television experience, and then there's what happens on the parade route. This year, the off-camera drama was the most newsworthy and almost entirely unseen.
  • Dear Elon -- Revisited
    Why do you choose to almost forcefully aim for X's "rapid unscheduled disassembly" of your own making?
  • The Evolution Of The Sandwich Wars
    Sandwich ads are like insurance ads, with both having some of the more innovative messages, trying to differentiate when there's little to no real differentiation.
  • AI, Creativity And The Last Beatles Song
    One last Beatles song featuring John Lennon -- that should be a good thing, right? I guess. But there's a flip side to this use of AI.
  • We Have Questions For Mark Zuckerberg
    Like "Hey, dude, you are not happy, right?... You know, you can do anything. Why don't you go out and pursue greatness? Go solve malaria, go fix climate change."
  • Wisely, Agreeably And Well: The Future Of Work From 100 Years Ago
    We spend so much time developing technology to do the things humans can already do, and so little time devoting ourselves to living wisely, agreeably and well.
  • What Is Premium Video?
    I truly applaud the work of the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video and the VAB in answering this question.
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