• The State Of Digital Advertising Is (Still) Bad
    Truth No. 1 (which has remained No.1 for as long as I can remember): Accept that a percentage of your digital ad dollars will go to waste.
  • Making A Difference In Ukraine
    Like so many in our industry and around the world, I want to help.
  • Just Ignore That Standard Definition Of Insanity
    "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome" -- that actually has nothing to do with insanity.
  • Sensationalizing Scam Culture
    It's a culture that's very much at home in Silicon Valley, where the example of Niccolo Machiavelli has gone from being a cautionary tale to a how-to manual.
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene's Trouble With The Truth
    During three hours being cross-examined under oath, Greene both denied any responsibility for her own words and at the same time blamed CNN for "editing" her words.
  • 2 Simple Rules For Extraordinary Communication
    Most of us argue to win. But as French essayist Joseph Joubert said, "the aim of any argument or discussion should be not victory, but progress."
  • 4 Big Reasons Why Reed Hastings Was Right To Resist Netflix Ads For So Long
    Hastings has long understood that adding advertising to his business will bring a lot more change than many may think, including shifts in culture and control.
  • Monetizing Privacy Will Increase The Wealth Gap
    My guess is the percentage who would jump in right away would mirror the percentage that are actively managing cryptocurrency in 2022.
  • Don't Be Too Quick To Dismiss The Metaverse
    We're moving toward a world where technology is so seamlessly entwined with our reality that it alters our experiences without us even being aware of it.
  • Musk's TED Moment
    TED curator Chris Anderson interviewed Elon Musk, gently coaxing out Musk's plan for how to embrace free speech on the Twitter platform.
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