• I Admit It: I Don't Understand Web 3.0 Basics
    I have read countless articles and watched a ton of videos, looking for anything that had "for dummies" in the title. It still hasn't given me the answers.
  • Thank You, ANA, For Helping Bring Industry Conferences Back
    I've heard some great presentations from marketers on webcasts and Zoom -- but nothing to compare with what I saw in person this week at ANA's Brand Masters event.
  • Marketing As An 'Original Digital' (OD)
    ODs were part of the original introduction of digital media to the masses. Nobody ever showed us how to do what we do -- we created most of it ourselves.
  • I Am Generation Jones
    I was born in 1961. I always thought that technically made me a baby boomer. But I recently discovered that I am, in fact, part of Generation Jones.
  • Obama And Misinformation
    At "The Atlantic" conference, Obama said he had "underestimated the degree to which democracies are vulnerable to misinformation and disinformation, including the U.S."
  • Bruce Willis, My Father Rod -- And The Miracle Of Communication
    The fact that I can make mouth-sounds that fly into your ear-holes and resolve in your brain for us to arrive at a shared meaning is thoroughly mind-boggling.
  • What Is Your Recession Strategy?
    Recessions are bad for economies and bad for most folks. They are especially bad for those who work in the world of advertising.
  • What Makes An Agency Stand Out From The Crowd?
    I saw about 15 or 16 agency pitches during the last three years, and what surprised me was the lack of true differentiation.
  • Making Time For Quadrant Two
    Matters in quadrant two are "important but not urgent." It's here where long-term planning and strategy live -- and we mostly ignore it.
  • Nike Vs. NFTs
    This lawsuit is interesting because it questions how brand owners can reasonably expect to control the value of their brands in the NFT space.
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