• Should NYC Buy Citi Bike?
    Bringing bikes into the MTA system could make bike to bus to subway travel hand-offs seamless.
  • It's Not Your Employees -- It's You
    When we're frustrated with our teams, there's no joy in focusing on how they're letting us down. All our power lies in what we're going to do about it.
  • Will Conversational Search Change Ad Targeting For Brands?
    It's clear that search will no longer be only about typing a few words in a text box and having a set of links returned on a page or screen.
  • Is Disney Trying To Reset The Playing Field In TV?
    The larger question is not whether ESPN and ABC are valuable entities -- it's what format the two should be focusing on to succeed for the next 20 years.
  • The Challenge In Regulating AI
    It's like repainting the deck railings on the Titanic the day before it hit the iceberg. It's not what you know that's going to get you, it's what you don't.
  • Facebook And Hate For Sale
    Is Facebook's audience all haters? I can't imagine it is. But by allowing hate to flourish on the platform, the company makes it impossible for reasonable connection to take place.
  • How Healthy Is Your Brand?
    Today we struggle to find an answer to tracking media performance as we lack transferable metrics across touch points.
  • Rebuilding A Broken Brand Through Smart Marketing & Advertising
    Conference case history: How Cicis Pizza bounced back from debilitating losses, bankruptcy and store closings.
  • Coming This Fall: YouTube Creators On Network Television?
    With writers and actors on strike, the hole in programming opens the door for unscripted original programs featuring the likes of Dude Perfect and Mr. Beast.
  • Why I'm Worried About AI
    Like social media, what will get us into trouble with AI are the things we don't know that we don't know yet.
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