• Keep Header Bidding -- A Faustian Bargain -- Away From TV, OTT
    For the most part, digital-born approaches can only make the TV ad world better, with one exception: header bidding.
  • Where's The Creativity In Digital Ads?
    Now, creativity lies in integrating paid and non-paid or earned media.
  • Running On Empty: Getting Crushed By The Crush-It Culture
    The creeping capitalist culture of overworking has firmly embedded itself in the tech industry, where the number of hours you work becomes a proxy of your own worth.
  • Trading News For Noise
    Even as the volume has increased, the depth and variety of information we receive every day has narrowed.
  • The Fallacy Of The Streaming Wars
    There are simply too many services spending too much money on content that no human can keep up with anymore.
  • It's Time To Integrate CTV Into TV Ad Ecosystem
    Linear TV advertisers are holding back budgets from CTV, and measurement is a big part of the issue.
  • The Launch Of Disney+ Is A Classic Disney Story
    Disney has clearly taken cues from the best-of-breed services in terms of layout and management.
  • The Tourification Of Our World
    For example, Venice has become tourified. It's a false front of a city, one built for those who are going to be there for 48 to 72 hours.
  • Digital Natives Falling Behind In Our Digital World
    U.S. eighth graders can gather basic information and even make simple edits. But beyond that, they fall short.
  • Is Social Media In Crisis Mode?
    Since messages are microtargeted to only those who want to hear them, lies and truth rarely ever come in contact on our social media platforms.
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