• Your Mind Can Create The Next 'Let It Be'
    A human can develop an idea into a song, and that song can be heard by almost every person on the planet and shape lives.
  • Why I'm Worried About AI
    Like social media, what will get us into trouble with AI are the things we don't know that we don't know yet.
  • The HALO Effect: Is Cross-Media Measurement Here?
    IF HALO does what it says it can, it should drive out some of the excesses, and should do so regardless of the platforms that make up the media mix.
  • Learning On The Road
    Networking isn't just about meeting people that you might do business with; it's also about learning from them.
  • Influencers And Creators Are Not Created Equal
    A creator with a solid content strategy can always outlive the flavor of the month influencer who is simply trying to "Keep Up With The Kardashians."
  • Deconstructing A Predatory Marketplace
    Perhaps one of the winners in the fraudulent ecosystem that spawned predatory in-game ads -- the SSPs -- should consider cracking down on practitioners.
  • Intergenerational Action: Looking To Drive Change
    At a meeting of diverse generations, one 21-year-old described how social media had radicalized her friend to an alt-right view: "That person became very, very violent."
  • Yes, Hollywood Writers Are Luddites -- And That's A Good Thing
    To be called a Luddite is to be called a dinosaur: someone incapable of realizing the amazing opportunities of technology. But that's a wholly inaccurate representation of actual Luddites.
  • Looming Questions From The Upfronts
    For example: Will Linda Yaccarino's move to Twitter CEO undermine the alt-measurement movement?
  • AI Might Just Kill The Modern Web
    AI will reshape the way we interact with the web, decreasing our reliance on traditional models of search.
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