• Transparency, Black Hats, The Repercussions Of Inaction
    What would real transparency look like in the ad industry? Imagine, if you will, a world in which an agency could 100% guarantee that your ad was delivered to exactly the right person you intended to show it to, and that ad was absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, seen.
  • How Vision And Strategy Can Kill A Marketer's Job Security
    Marketing is becoming more powerful, but the markets themselves are becoming more unpredictable. And marketers are squarely caught on the horns of that dilemma. We sign on to deliver results -- and when those results are no longer predictable, we feel our job security rapidly slipping away.
  • Why Free Is Bad For You
    If you have two constituent groups, and one pays you directly, and the other doesn't, the one who pays you is gonna win. This is true not only in politics -- where "dependence upon the funders produces a subtle, understated, camouflaged bending to keep the funders happy," according to Lawrence Lessig in a TED talk -- but also in online publishing. If the free content from your news organization is paid for by advertisers, your job is to aggregate eyeballs, not educate readers. If you can aggregate eyeballs by educating readers, great -- everybody wins. If in order to aggregate …
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