• Power And Persuasion: The Info War In Ukraine
    The info war raged long before Putin put boots on the ground in Ukraine, and weaponized the technology that has driven so much innovation around the world.
  • A Different Kind Of Vibe Shift
    Perhaps it's pointless to predict and prognosticate. Perhaps what is useful, instead, is to articulate what's not working and what would be better.
  • When Will Amazon Give Us TVs For Free?
    You can make a lot of money in digital home products and services, but controlling the TV provides critical leverage to getting it.
  • Don't You (Forget About Me)
    This past year I lost a close friend, John Durham, who was the best example of how to grow a personal and professional network.
  • Ebbs And Flows Of Consumerism In Post-Pandemic World
    Now that we're going down that road (fingers crossed), we can ask, "Is it playing out as predicted? And what lies ahead?
  • TV Gets Bigger -- And Smaller
    Whatever story you want to tell, there's a screen experience to tell it on.
  • Cutting The Cord Is Now Surprisingly Easy
    Things have changed from the initial "cord-cutting" wave, when cable providers were loath to set you free.
  • Building Great Businesses Is Not An Individual Sport
    Companies are now wrestling with pivotal back-to-work decisions. Is there a hybrid work model that can capture the best of remote and in-person?
  • Internet Regulation, Cookies, Natalie Imbruglia
    I do believe regulations about the internet need to be updated. Most importantly, social media requires regulation.
  • Frustrated? Blame Canada
    Very un-Canadian of us: We're making the nightly news around the globe. We've traded in polite for protest.
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