• The Attack Of The Thiel-Bot
    Peter Thiel's determination to use his skills, money, and network to tear down democracy isn't something to be taken lightly.
  • Mo Meta, Mo Problems
    Attention-grabbing headlines, a major slap on the wrist from a judge -- all herald a pileup of problems for Meta.
  • IAB Brings Us Back, Emerges As Key Convener On TV Ad Issues
    I've been attending the IAB's Annual Leadership Meeting in New York City this week. What a great experience it's been.
  • What Is Data-Driven Storytelling?
    I often get asked that question. To be honest, my answer changes slightly from time to time, in much the same way that a story does.
  • The Joe Rogan Experiment In Ethical Consumerism
    If we want ethics from our corporations, we have to make it important enough to us to impact our own buying decisions.
  • A Bad Week For Zucker, Zuckerberg
    Last week both CNN and Facebook found themselves facing scrutiny. In the case of Facebook, stock market retribution caught the mainstream press by surprise.
  • An Old Rocker Is Teaching Us All A Lesson
    Neil Young is among the short list of musicians taking a public stance against Spotify.
  • Counting Ads Delivered When TV Is Turned Off
    Do you just exclude all viewing events when the channel didn't change at all in three hours?
  • What Does A Transactional Digital Landscape Look Like?
    Data enables the chance to merge together previously disparate activities into a much more streamlined and efficient collection of experiences.
  • Don't Be Too Quick To Dismiss The Metaverse
    We're moving toward a world where technology is so seamlessly entwined with our reality that it alters our experiences without us even being aware of it.
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