• I Really Don't Like Game Shows
    The pandemic may have temporarily halted intelligent programming, replaced by a plethora of goofy game shows.
  • Tired of Reality? Take 2 Full-Strength 'Schitt's Creek's
    There is a direct correlation between feel-good fantasy and feeling-shitty reality. The worse things get, the more we want to escape it.
  • On Anonymity, Friends --- And How Real People Matter
    Selling a phone on Craigslist, I found strangers who curse at you and think nothing of it --- and then, something better.
  • The Media Doesn't Decide The Outcome. You Do
    It was the seventh day of the eleventh month of the first year of the new millennium, and I had failed to vote. And I lived in Florida...
  • Time To Heed P&G's Call To Fundamentally Change TV Ad Buying?
    P&G's Mark Pritchard dropped a bombshell, saying the company did the TV ad upfront on its own this year.
  • The Subtle Sound Of Your Brand In A Voice-Activated World
    Music plays a role in your mood, and a brand needs to portray a mood to create a connection with customers.
  • Why The World Is Conspiring Against Us
    Science has proven that when the going get tough, the paranoid get weirder.
  • Reed Hastings: Building Beyond Borders
    I was wrong when I criticized Netflix's then-new ideas about binge-watching. But I admitted my mistake.
  • Social Media Angst: It's Not Me, It's You
    LinkedIn now generates so much obnoxious clutter in my inboxes that I am beginning to really loathe it.
  • The Importance Of Internship Programs
    A virtual program can work just as well -- and sometimes, better -- for all concerned.
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