• In-House Agencies: Maybe The Grass Isn't Greener
    For one, moving "agency stuff" in-house won't solve for poor marketing management.
  • When Is An Exception The Rule?
    Building and growing companies in markets undergoing technology-born disruption is a learning exercise that requires flexibility and rigor.
  • The Real Difference Between Agencies And Consultants
    The industry is a fully functioning ecosystem where agencies, consultants and one-off smaller shops can all sustain their respective businesses.
  • What Is The Moral Responsibility Of A Platform?
    Technology always unleashes ethical ramifications. The more disruptive the technology, the more serious the ethical considerations.
  • Is Gordon Gekko Buying The News Business?
    There are old trusted news brands hanging on by a thread, but who owns those brands has gone through a remarkable change -- with little notice.
  • No, It's Not A Deepfake. Yes, The Language Matters
    Trump co-opted the term "fake news," so let's be careful with "deepfake." It's not doctoring an already existing video.
  • Let's Find 'Anti-Fragile' Solutions To The Loss Of The Cookie
    Writer Nassim Taleb coined the term anti-fragile to describe things that actually get stronger from adversity, stress and disruption.
  • Relationships Key To Your Personal, Professional Growth
    Last week I had the distinct honor to reconnect with many of the people behind the launch and expansion of the internet advertising industry.
  • The Saddest Part Of Sadfishing
    Why do I feel so uneasy about too-personal sharing on social media?
  • America's Consumer Anxiety
    Income inequality isn't an accident. It's central to everything that's happening in the American economy.
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