• Bloomberg's Campaign Spending Could Destroy Democracy
    Bloomberg's nomination would represent the utter annihilation of the marketplace of ideas.
  • Why Programmatic Advertising Won't Work On TV
    Programmatic has provided cover for a massive amount of fraud. It has created faux precision and faux control.
  • Industry Events Canceled. Where's Dustin Hoffman?
    Among other industry events, Mobile World Congress was shut down amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Social Network Nastiness Is The New Normal
    We are now communicating via social networks with some physical distance between participants, and we are doing it for an audience.
  • Walmart Vs. Amazon: Battle Brewing
    The two companies are fighting for the heart and soul of the American shopper.
  • In-House Agencies: Maybe The Grass Isn't Greener
    For one, moving "agency stuff" in-house won't solve for poor marketing management.
  • When Is An Exception The Rule?
    Building and growing companies in markets undergoing technology-born disruption is a learning exercise that requires flexibility and rigor.
  • The Real Difference Between Agencies And Consultants
    The industry is a fully functioning ecosystem where agencies, consultants and one-off smaller shops can all sustain their respective businesses.
  • What Is The Moral Responsibility Of A Platform?
    Technology always unleashes ethical ramifications. The more disruptive the technology, the more serious the ethical considerations.
  • Is Gordon Gekko Buying The News Business?
    There are old trusted news brands hanging on by a thread, but who owns those brands has gone through a remarkable change -- with little notice.
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