• Why Web3/Crypto Will Be Good For Open Ad Tech
    Web3 ad tech won't be about building massive databases and squeezing out bigger and bigger margins from the advertising supply chain.
  • Deep Internet Thoughts -- From All Of Us
    If Bugs Bunny had a Boston accent, would he say, "WhatsApp, Doc?"
  • The Terrors Of New Technology
    My neighbor has had a connected, high-end electric sports car for about a week. He still can't figure out how to use it.
  • TV Gets Bigger -- And Smaller
    Whatever story you want to tell, there's a screen experience to tell it on.
  • Salute To Steve Simon And The WTA
    Thanks to them for standing up for sexual assault victims everywhere and doing the right thing.
  • Hard Work And The Olden Days of Digital Media
    I remember when I could pick up the phone and call everyone who was buying digital media to organize a happy hour...
  • It's The Buzz That Will Kill You
    In social media networks, your brand message is whatever meme happens to emerge from the collective activity of this connected market.
  • Media M&A Year Roars to a Close
    The scale of media M&A transactions has hit new highs: $253.2 billion dollars in the U.S. in the first three quarters of 2021.
  • The Collective Action Necessary To Save The World
    Our ability to survive as a species is entirely dependent on our ability to view ourselves as part of a whole rather than solely as individuals.
  • Reflecting On 2022
    For one, we'll confront a future where our "life operating systems" are increasingly controlled by ad-supported tech companies.
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