• Knee-jerk Reactions Are Rarely Good -- Especially In Business
    Many companies made deep cuts in staffing when the world came to a halt, and they are now paying the price.
  • We've Lost Bob Bloom, Industry Transformer
    Dallas native and true legend of the advertising business Bob Bloom passed away this past weekend at the age of 87.
  • The Best Content Used To Be Free
    As the saying goes, the cream rises to the top. But what about news content?
  • The Profitability Of Trust
    Given the potential conflict between trust and profit, is trusting a corporation a lost cause?
  • Retail's Last Refuge
    New York, as it turns out, will be a bit of a science experiment for the future of retail.
  • Consuming A More Balanced Media Diet
    Like ice cream, the feeling of being right tastes sweet in the moment. But, like ice cream, too much of it, over too long a period, is dangerous.
  • Will Ad-Supported Video Gameplay Help Replace Linear TV's Lost Prime-Time Rating Points?
    Video game publishers are beginning to introduce TV-like ads into console-driven gameplay to tap already massive audiences.
  • You Can Now Build A Brand Without Using TV
    A new paradigm: Digital is your core channel. Video is the anchor in that channel.
  • Media: The Midpoint Of The Stories That Connect Us
    We understand the world through stories -- so media has become the platform for the telling of stories.
  • Biden Backtracks On Section 230
    Let's face it, section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is complicated and has become a contentious issue.
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