• TV Is The Worst (And The Best) Advertising Medium
    We are entering the upfronts, where the ratings are down and the prices are up. Whaaaaat? But new studies show TV's continuing impact.
  • Creating The New Normal For Work As NYC Comes Alive
    Like so many others, I've been spending a lot of time working with colleagues to plan -- and rethink -- how we will work together going forward as offices reopen.
  • Salespeople: Mind Your Manners -- And Maybe Use LinkedIn
    Selling is based on relationships, and you build relationships through interaction. How does a salesperson do that in today's world?
  • The Academics Of Bulls**t
    Organizational bullshit has become a legitimate field of study. Academics are being paid to dig into it -- so to speak.
  • Advertising On Hold
    Playing the same message 15 or 20 times is going to have diminished results.
  • The Physics Of Startups: A Lesson From Cambridge
    There's a big reason why nobody will steal your startup idea. It's why founders get less sleep than parents with octuplet newborns.
  • U.S. Tech Companies Dominate The World. So Now What?
    FAANG can shape public opinion ANYWHERE, and have so much power that governments all over regulate against them.
  • Welcoming Re-Humanization Of Brand, Customer Experience
    In-person, human interaction is likely to be the most important thing brands can pay attention to over the next 12-18 months.
  • The Split-Second Timing Of Brand Trust
    In one-sixth of a second, we respond to our favorite brands just about the same way we respond to pictures of our favorite people.
  • 'Bonkers' Billions For Big Tech
    How much of big tech's "bonkers" 25% increase in revenue was due to the pandemic -- and how much of this is the new normal?
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