• Context: The Smoked Paprika Of Your Campaign Recipe
    Contextual targeting with a little bit of data layered over it is extremely effective at delivering a relevant message to a targeted audience.
  • Picking Apart The Concept Of Viral Videos
    Is going viral all it's cracked up to be? For example, what if you're targeting a smaller audience?
  • 'Nomadland' Tells The Truth About America
    Real-life characters make up the backbone of "Nomadland" -- people who reject the label of homeless and instead call themselves "houseless."
  • How NOT To Do Corporate Social Media
    Major global corporations can still make my jaw drop with their utter social media tone-deafness. For example, Amazon vs. Senator Warren.
  • AVOD Will Be Big, But Will Take Its Time Getting There
    Super-fast growth of ad-supported video on demand would move digital platforms into the center of the entire ad ecosystem. Not likely just yet.
  • 3 Ways News Media Can Thrive In The New World
    How can news outlets still thrive in an age where the news is not so dire and immediate all the time?
  • Splitting Ethical Hairs In An Online Ecosystem
    Social media is an ecosystem in which sociopaths will thrive.
  • Why NYC Needs An Entrepreneur For Mayor
    Inside of Yang's policies are some very different ideas that are more than stump-speech rhetoric.
  • More On Socially Conscious Marketing: What Actually Works
    Let's credit a small number of marketers that have figured out a socially conscious competitive advantage directly linked to their business.
  • Our Work In Stopping Racial Hatred And Violence Is Only Just Beginning
    Those of us working in media, advertising and technology CAN make a difference. We have visibility. We have voice. We have leverage.
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