• Selfies: A Different Take on Reality
    Taking a selfie when you're in front of a gorgeous view? "Self-presentational concern" can creep into these lifetime moments and suck the awe right out of them.
  • Tribeca Takes Audiences Inside Stories
    I went to Tribeca Film Institute's Virtual Arcade to see the best in VR and peek around the corner at what's ahead.
  • The Christchurch Call: Social Media's Role In Fomenting Extremism
    A meeting of world leaders and tech execs, set for Paris in May, comes in response to the horrific terror attack that killed 50 people last month in New Zealand.
  • FTC Fine Teaches TikTok The Wrong Lesson
    TikTok will pay the largest fine in COPPA history for illegally collecting personal information from children. It will change some practices - and them move on.
  • Future Of Agency Business Is With Small And Mid-Sized Regionals
    With the rise of holding companies, what began as a collection of high-value, boutique consultancies became merchant banks.
  • Outlining The Art Of B2B Storytelling
    Most people think of B2B marketing as product marketing and positioning. But B2B is actually one of the most important places to practice the art of storytelling.
  • Why We're Not Ready For AI To Take The Wheel... Yet
    Not sure I could get into a self-driven Uber and relax in the back seat while AI takes the wheel. Yet I pride myself on being a fairly rational person.
  • The Web's Dark Chapter Unveiled At TED 2019
    Carole Cadwalladr's TED talk explored Facebook's role in the Brexit vote, showing ads that were "total lies."
  • Half My Data Is Effective -- But Which Half?
    When I had the privilege of working with the late Simon Broadbent in the U.K., the advertising effectiveness research bug bit me firmly in the you-know-what.
  • Why I Left The ARF
    I'm sharing my resignation notes to the ARF because I think many others in the industry probably have the same concerns and frustrations.
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