• A Haircut -- And Recipe To Survive Recession
    Steps one and two in survival strategy: Do not panic, and do not go short.
  • Heeding ANA Call To Reform TV Buying
    One change ANA suggests: that the "upfront shift from a broadcast year to a calendar year to reflect and improve business planning."
  • Hard Challenges Create Cool Solutions
    We've seen lots of examples of people coming together to light beacons of hope, but last week one of those examples really resonated with me.
  • AI And Our Current Rugged Landscape
    We are willingly tossing the keys to our future to the tech giants. As much as the present may be frightening, we should consider the steps we're taking carefully.
  • This Is Not The End Of The Coronavirus Movie
    There's a problem when we turn to movies like "Contagion" for lessons: Movies end. But the virus hasn't gone away. The economic fallout is only beginning.
  • Delta Had Its Song --- Was Jet.com Walmart's Song?
    This global pandemic is delivering a massive silver lining for Walmart -- and it seems to have finally found its footing in ecommerce.
  • Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining -- Even In Quarantine
    It's taken a global pandemic for people to be reminded of the world outside that little 6.1 inch screen.
  • The Mother Of All Mood Swings
    Life change is usually a solo journey. But what if everyone is experiencing trauma at the same time? Then we enter the SNAFU zone.
  • 'Graduate Together' Goes Behind The Green Screen
    Virtual graduation ceremony made a bold attempt to be inspirational, hopeful, supportive, and entertaining.
  • Programmatic Still Sucks For Marketers -- Big Time!
    The middlemen in the industry still eat up about half of dollars invested in programmatic -- about the same number as was reported five years ago.
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