• Streaming Wars Not For Faint Of Heart: Bye-Bye Vue, Vudu
    Why are we seeing such big casualties so quickly in the still-nascent Streaming Wars?
  • Are We Losing The Spirit Of Radio?
    I have a heartstring to strum for radio. I hope it can find a way to re-establish a connection with youth and become a viable medium for the future.
  • The Joy of Listening to Older People
    I consider it the original social media: the sharing of personal oral histories, especially from people who have accumulated decades of life experience.
  • Our Coming Electric Apocalypse
    How can we rely on electronic devices to manage every bit of our daily lives when the power grid is increasingly unreliable?
  • Time To Apply The Same Standards To Politicians As We Do To KFC
    Facebook is driving the train on an ever-lengthening journey away from a shared set of facts.
  • Your Value Proposition Is BS
    At the end of the day, it really comes down to delivering on that value. A more accurate term would be to call it a "value promise."
  • Lucasfilm Presents Streaming Wars, Episode 1
    Apple wading in is big news, but I think the Disney-fication of the Streaming Wars is probably the most impactful and influential move to date.
  • This Election, Canucks Have Been 'Zucked'
    The devolvement of democracy has now hit the Great White North, thanks to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is essentially telling us that giving us some baseline of trust in political advertising is not Facebook's job and not their problem. We should know better.
  • The NSFW Web Is Under Siege
    Pornhub says it serves 110 million daily visitors - but it's now the target of lawsuits from women who appeared in videos.
  • The Best Global Brands 2019 Got There By... Advertising
    The Top 10 Best Brands represent $5.6 billion dollars in ad spend.
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