• This Election, Canucks Have Been 'Zucked'
    The devolvement of democracy has now hit the Great White North, thanks to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is essentially telling us that giving us some baseline of trust in political advertising is not Facebook's job and not their problem. We should know better.
  • The NSFW Web Is Under Siege
    Pornhub says it serves 110 million daily visitors - but it's now the target of lawsuits from women who appeared in videos.
  • The Best Global Brands 2019 Got There By... Advertising
    The Top 10 Best Brands represent $5.6 billion dollars in ad spend.
  • What Would Ad Industry Do If It Heard 22% Of Nielsen's TV Panel Were Bots?
    Folks would be up in arms. Yet how come most yawn when you talk about the clear, unmistakable problems of fraud and opacity in digital?
  • How Media -- And Politics -- Can Be A Matter Of Perspective
    The way you look at media is heavily influenced by your age, life stage and the environment in which you were raised.
  • Is There Still Room In Today's Marketing World For Rick Steves?
    U.S. travel writer and TV personality Rick Steves is -- well, there's no really kind way to put this -- a weenie.
  • Warren Takes On Facebook's No-Fact-Check Policy
    Warren's team placed an ad on Facebook surely designed to be provocative, falsely claiming Facebook had endorsed Trump.
  • Uber Driver Proves Once Again That Uber Model Sucks
    Looking more deeply into one Uber driver's account of his week -- and counting up exactly how much money he actually made.
  • Paradox: Streaming Wars Will Be Great For TV Advertisers
    One reason why: Much of America can't access streaming services.
  • Is B2C Marketing Really Different From B2B Marketing?
    To be honest, I think the demarcation is unnecessary. Marketing is about finding the right message that resonates with the right target and delivering it to evoke a response.
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