• Jackie Robinson Would Certainly Say That We Haven't Done Enough
    Sadly, Robinson had a confrontation with the authorities similar to the recent one in Virginia.
  • All Online Advertising Rules Are Broken -- And That's OK
    Rules are benchmarks for performance, and you need to test to discover what might work best for you and your campaign.
  • Facebook Friends Do Not Equal Real Friends
    True friends will pick lice out of your fur -- or they would, if they were monkeys. Facebook Friends feel entitled to belittle your 10K run.
  • Trust Is In Decline Worldwide
    If you're feeling less trusting, and more suspicious of information that comes across the transom, it turns out you're not alone.
  • Big Tech Gets Another Win Against Labor
    It's looking virtually certain Amazon has been successful in preventing workers at its fulfillment center in Bessemer, Ala. from unionizing.
  • Reopening: Being More Than A Cog In A Machine
    Accommodating the very real and justified fears of so many will be critical to making reopening work.
  • Data, Technology, AI -- And A Little Bit Of Luck
    To be lucky, you need to push into uncomfortable areas to acquire knowledge, and you have to be willing to listen and learn.
  • Social Media Reflects Rights Vs. Obligations Split
    The right tends to focus on individual rights they feel they're at risk of losing. The left thinks more in terms of societal obligations.
  • In Favor Of Cancel Culture
    When a brand makes a decision, its opponents may cry "cancel culture." But there are times when it's little more than smart brand marketing.
  • To Integrate Measurement -- Or Not To Integrate Measurement?
    In my home country, The Netherlands, Kantar and Ipsos will now deliver a fully integrated set of media usage data across all media.
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