• Warning: Digital Advertising Rant (Because It Makes Me Feel Better)
    The programmatic supply chain remains murky, even with the recent trend of larger advertisers that have in-housed the practice.
  • Lack Of U.S. Broadband Access Threatens More Than Our Industry
    We need to get out of our digital bubbles and learn about the 80+ million people who lack broadband internet at home.
  • A Cookie By Any Other Name Is Still A Cookie -- Even If It's An Apple
    You can call it a "universal ID," a "cohort-targeted delivery mechanism" or any other made-up name, but a cookie is still just that.
  • I'm A Fan Of Friction
    In the past 14 months, I've discovered that friction might be the secret of life.
  • Change The World -- For Good Or Evil?
    Should technology take up the challenge to drive innovation to "improve the world," rather than simply change it for economic gain?
  • Fix Your Algorithmic Racism, Or Face The FTC
    It's disturbingly easy for algorithms to absorb, and then reflect, existing prejudice. And now the FTC is watching more closely.
  • Why Are CTV Ad Rates So High?
    It's a classic situation of lots of money chasing a relatively small amount of CTV ad inventory.
  • Marketers Are New Action Heroes
    A marketer that has the data and doesn't take action is useless. Those who do can be superheroes.
  • The Deconstruction Of Trust
    Yes, trust in advertising is in decline. But trust in brands -- at least, some brands -- has never been higher.
  • The Future Of Hybrid Identity
    How about MetaHuman Creator, which aims to create a "unique digital human of the highest quality, complete with hair and clothing"?
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