• We're Going About Innovation All Wrong
    Innovation should go beyond technology. Here's some suggestions for what to innovate next -- from how we deal with mental health to how we deal with crime.
  • YouTube Debacle Tip of the Industry Iceberg
    Many folks are making so much money taking cuts as the money passes them, the last thing they want to know is where the ad ended up actually running.
  • Stream Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
    How can streamers commit to spending billions per year on original content? They try to justify it based on new subscriber acquisition, but the math doesn't add up.
  • The Spark In The Jar: Jony Ive And Steve Jobs
    It seems companies can excel at either creativity or execution. It's very difficult -- perhaps impossible -- to do both.
  • The Chaos Candidate And The Truth
    Somewhere along the way, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. went from being a circus sideshow to a spokesman for a long list of conspiracies.
  • Post From The Future: AI Comes To Cannes
    "Human predictors in 2023 placed the decimal point wrong: It was not 7.5%, but 75% of the workforce who would be replaced by AI."
  • Talking Ukraine With The Cannes Crowd
    There were a number of panels at Cannes on how we could help the Ukraine people. Here's some of what I shared and what I learned from others:
  • Will The EU Break Up Google's Ad Business?
    AI poses a far more existential threat to Google's ad business, because all the money that goes to search advertising is destined to dwindle as AI search results dominate.
  • No News Is Good News
    While the news we watch pushes all our hot buttons, it doesn't serve a useful purpose but does the exact opposite, leading to mental & physical ill-being.
  • Parents Join The Platform Battle, Section 230 Comes Under Bipartisan Fire
    There are only two industries that have blanket immunity from any product liability in the United States. One is the gun industry. The other is social media. For now.
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