• The Debate About Measuring What We Watch
    Tracking responses to the industry's attempts to "establish common standards for cross-platform measurement."
  • Why I'm Going To Kyiv
    I am going because I want to make a difference, even if only in a small way.
  • Can Elon Musk Marshal The EQ To Resurrect Twitter?
    Onstage at the recent Possible: Miami Marketing Conference, Musk missed an opportunity to speak to brands in a way that would resonate with them.
  • Finding Your Happy Place
    I put together a spread sheet of the 20 happiest countries according to one study, and started looking for the common denominators.
  • TED's Chris Anderson: 'AI Is Amazing, But Really Scary'
    "Why isn't there just a huge risk of something truly terrible emerging?" Anderson asked further in a session on AI's innovations.
  • Values Are Meaningless -- But They Don't Have To Be
    I don't know a single exercise that provokes more cynicism and eye-rolling than the articulation of company values.
  • The New Era Of Superior TV
    If our industry gets its act together, TV ads will become increasingly relevant and less annoying to viewers. If we're really lucky, ads may become delightful more often than not.
  • How Marketers Capture Consumer Attention
    Examining two kinds of marketing tactics: endogenous (keeping within the lines of consumer attention ) or exogenous (drawing attention away from the present context).
  • Search And ChatGPT: You Still Can't Get There From Here
    The search evolution I envisioned 13 years ago -- toward "app-ssistants" who seamlessly find just the right app for your intent -- is taking a lot longer than I thought.
  • The Cost Of Beauty: Mary Grows Up
    Telling a moving story of a young girl caught up in self-hate, Dove addresses the issue of how "social media is harming the mental health of three in five kids."
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