• Finding The Limits Of Freedom Of Speech
    Every society has limits on free speech. Even in the U.S., that right won't help you if you're caught with child pornography on your computer.
  • Unethical Leaders Falling Like Dominoes
    It started with Elizabeth Holmes: the straight-out-of-central-casting founder of Theranos whose vision to disrupt bloodwork was, in fact, too good to be true.
  • Scale Matters As Advanced TV Advertising Matures
    A data-driven linear ad campaign can theoretically reach any and all audiences watching linear TV at any point in time -- hundreds of millions a day.
  • A Future With No Advertising? Really?
    The landscape of broadcast and digital is shifting to a customizable subscription-oriented model, and advertising will likely evolve in the same way.
  • The Internet: Nasty, Brutish And Short
    There's a reason why social media is so addictive: All the content is aimed directly at our "Thinking Fast" hot buttons.
  • What Is Synthetic Media?
    Synthetic is a definition of how humans and machines are collaborating to make media that is, on one hand, exciting and innovative, and on the other, disturbing.
  • A Congratulatory Letter To Keith Weed, New WPP Board Member
    It appears WPP is undergoing something akin to the TV show "Extreme Make-over: Agency Holding Company" edition. What to do?
  • Will D2C Brands Change How TV Ads Are Bought, Sold, Measured?
    What might the D2C-reshaped world of TV advertising look like? There will be more focus on audience, automation and performance.
  • What Does Your Personal Tech Stack Look Like?
    I recently switched to a new computer, so became keenly aware of the tech stack I had curated to allow me to be connected and perform better at work.
  • Why Elizabeth Warren Wants to Break Up Big Tech
    Warren writes that "today's big tech companies have... too much power over our economy, our society, and our democracy."
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