• The Marie Kondo Effect: Our Quest For Control
    When the world seems increasingly bizarre and unpredictable, we look for things we can still control, like the contents of our sock drawer.
  • Can Local Weather Reporting Change Climate Education?
    2020 will be the year local and national weather coverage will start to connect the dots, telling viewers that extreme weather is the result of climate change.
  • Marketers: Stop Allocating Budgets To These Money-Wasters In 2020!
    Perhaps controversially, social media is on my list of time- and money-wasters.
  • What Would Ad Industry Do If It Heard 22% Of Nielsen's TV Panel Were Bots?
    Folks would be up in arms. Yet how come most yawn when you talk about the clear, unmistakable problems of fraud and opacity in digital?
  • 'Twas the Night Before the Internet...
    What would Christmas (or your seasonal celebration of choice) be like if the Internet had never happened?
  • Holiday Travel Turns A Corner
    It's easy to assume that Uber and Lyft did in the shared airport ride service, and you'd be correct -- up to a point.
  • Let's Make The Season Of Giving Permanent
    Moral and social obligations exist year-round, and we should not be elevating them just to warm our hearts on a cold winter's night.
  • Rubicon, Telaria, Eyeview And The Maturing Of An Industry
    The past 24 hours brought some significant news -- not all happy, unfortunately -- to the advertising-technology world.
  • A Look Back, A New Year -- And Baby Yoda
    One trend: a ton of major shake-ups --- many at the highest level --- at various agencies and holding companies over the last few months.
  • The Ruts Of Our Brain
    As we learn something, the learning creates neural pathways in our brain that we tend to stick to. In other words, the more we learn, the bigger the ruts get.
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