• Don't Predict The Future --- MAKE The Future In 2020
    As you enter 2020, I would ask you set aside some of your time to improve the world around you.
  • Just in Time for Christmas: More Search Eye-Tracking
    The Nielsen Norman study looks at how a more visually rich and complex search results page impacts user interaction with the page.
  • A Big Idea To Fix The Holiday Season
    The holiday season is too short, but I know how to fix it: Let's merge Thanksgiving and Halloween.
  • We're Not Equipped To Deal With Social Media Content
    Algorithms cannot keep up with the volume of content we are sharing. So there's no way humans can -- or should.
  • 3 Views Of A Segment
    When someone says, "We have data," your BS detector should go on high alert. Any data is only as good as the truth it may contain.
  • 3 Ways Facebook Can Improve The Political Culture
    For one, check the source of funding. No group outside the U.S. should be able to run U.S.-targeted ads for political messages.
  • Why Quitting Facebook is Easier Said than Done
    We don't trust Facebook -- but we do need it. Or do we?
  • TV Services Explode: Is Free TV Over?
    So, are you enjoying a ton more TV these days? I hope so --- because you will be paying more for it, and soon.