• Imagine A Pandemic Without Technology
    In an attempt to stop my doom-writing about technology, I tried a thought experiment.
  • Vanilla Sky -- And Beyond
    Think about the complex challenges those working for the rebirth of cities will have to tackle.
  • Artificial Lack Of Intelligence
    Four years ago, I stood onstage and introduced people to the term "deepfakes." I wanted people to be more judicious about what they believed and what they chose to share, and to become more critical of what they saw and heard online.
  • How Do You Beat The 7-38-55 Rule When Working Remotely?
    The 7-38-55 rule, developed decades ago by UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian, attempts to quantify the importance of nonverbal communication.
  • Appreciating 'Ted Lasso': Are We 'Two Tents' To Be Rom-Communists?
    Last week's episode, "Rainbow," may just have been one of the most well-written episodes of any television show ever created.
  • Marketers And Funnel Vision
    Funnels are arbitrary lenses, invented by marketers, that are applied after the fact. They have nothing to do with how we live our lives.
  • Bankers And Porn: A Moral Quandary
    The internet has a long history of sites that build large followings with permissive porn policies, only have venture capital funders balk at funding porn sites.
  • What If Today's Ad Strategies Are All Wrong?
    The more I study new ad constructs, the more I am convinced that some of the foundational truths from the masters of the '80s and '90s are still true today.
  • Media Measurement Market Fragmenting Just Like Media Consumption
    Nielsen's TV measurement is not going away, but many emerging measurement companies are still going to pick up a lot of new business.
  • It's 2021: The Metaverse, Having To Wear Pants Again
    Just four short weeks ago, we thought things were heading back to normal. Then Delta comes along and messes it up for everyone.
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