• Arguments Deliver Audience: Get Out And Vote
    I hope the media world can forget the truism that "arguments deliver audience" long enough to urge everyone to vote.
  • Our Trust Issues With Advertising-Based Revenue Models
    To reduce social complexity and try to contain it within an online ecosystem is a fool's errand. Trying to support such a system with advertising just makes it worse.
  • Your Power to Vote With Your Wallet, Too
    You can vote with your ballot. You can vote with your wallet. Better yet, do both.
  • It's Not Facebook That's Having A Rough Time
    Facebook's users are actually the ones having a rough time -- including the 14 million people who had a significant volume of data stolen.
  • Digital Ad Marketplaces Don't Work For TV
    Why have some of the world's largest tech companies failed at bringing marketplace technology to TV? To me, the answer is pretty straightforward.
  • Leveraging The Gig Economy To 'In-House' Your Agency
    Sources like UpWork all offer quality people with strong experience who can work at competitive prices with flexible schedules and expectations.
  • A More Optimistic Side Of Technology
    Instead of zeroing in on the negative aspects of technology as I've been doing, today I'm trying something different: optimism.
  • The Comeback: Entering The Jerk Store
    How do you respond to someone who says he's "LOVING the economy"? With anger -- and facts.
  • Marketers Move Agency Functions In-House -- But True Benefits Remain Fuzzy
    The ANA released a report on "in-housing" agency functions that sheds some important light on a trend unlikely to end any time soon.
  • Are National TV Ads Actually Too Cheap?
    Did you know that the average price across all national TV advertising in the U.S. is less than $2.50 CPM?
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