• When The Tail Starts Wagging The Dog
    The line between reporting and instigating is tricky, and often only seen in retrospect. Back when Fox News launched, there was a minor uproar at the phrase "Fair and Balanced." Now, with the benefit of hindsight and solid reporting, we know what really powers Fox News -- it's all about power.
  • Time For Brands To Take A Stand
    Does your brand want to stand up in solidarity with the protests? If yes, start by taking a good look at yourself as a brand.
  • Let's Hold Ad Platforms 'Strictly Liable' When They Sell Fraudulent Ads
    A ruling that Amazon is liable for products delivered to buyers has parallels to the way digital ad platforms operate.
  • I Miss My Daily 'Calls-ercise'
    Video calls help me stay connected to people in ways that would have otherwise been impossible in this current situation, but I do miss walking and talking.
  • Do We Even Need Cities Anymore?
    The connections that once relied on physical proximity can now be replicated by technology. Not perfectly, perhaps, but well enough.
  • Biden, The DNC, UGC
    People don't realize that what the DNC did was extraordinarily difficult -- almost impossible.
  • Agency Pitches During The Pandemic: A How-To
    Agility is the key, and that's something you want to explore with your prospective agencies.
  • Let's Give Our Work Teams Election Day Off
    It doesn't matter what folks' politics are. We want to maximize everyone's chance to participate in our democracy and make a difference.
  • Create Excitement Without An Audience
    The best speakers believe completely in what they are saying and don't necessarily need the validation of an audience.
  • Our Brain And Its Junk News Habit
    Many of us get our news through a social media channel. Paradox is, over 70% of us don't trust the news we see on our social media feeds.
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