• Why Web3/Crypto Will Be Good For Open Ad Tech
    Web3 ad tech won't be about building massive databases and squeezing out bigger and bigger margins from the advertising supply chain.
  • Are You Too Old For The Metaverse?
    For me and my colleagues to write about the metaverse seems almost inappropriate. Younger minds are focused on telling the story of what the metaverse will be.
  • The News Cycle, Our Attention Span -- And That Oscar Slap
    We -- as news consumers -- are the ones that continually ignore the stories that matter in favor of gossipy tidbits. The slap is just the latest example of this.
  • The Power And Relevance Of Local Breaking Bagel News
    "Gluten-Free UWS Bagel Shop Named 6th Best Overall In NYC" was, for me, a groundbreaking revelation. It was certainly Breaking Bagel News.
  • The Metaverse Has No Clothes
    Every depiction of the metaverse looks awful to me. Billed as the place where we're limited only by our imagination, it's executed to prove we have no imagination whatsoever.
  • Google Just Took A Seat At The TV Ad Table
    No better way for Google to get U.S. TV ad dollars than giving free shows with 15- and 30-second ads to U.S. viewers of YouTube on connected TVs .
  • I Miss Myspace
    Social media feels like an experiment that went wrong.
  • Pursuing A Plastic Perfection
    If we can't control our world, perhaps our locus of control becomes narrowed to the point where the only thing left is our own appearance.
  • The Invisible Robots
    Every day, in ways large and small, robots are running your life.
  • Smarter, Faster, Better -- Vs. How You Run Marketing Today
    It pays to look at HOW you work, not just what you produce. And that's something marketers don't do nearly enough.
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