• Purpose Marketing Could Help Restore Marketing Trust
    If you don't convince your consumer you're fully onboard with doing business conscious of environment, diversity, etc., you are likely vulnerable to obsolescence.
  • At Least 50% Of TV Ad Jobs Will Be Gone In 5 Years
    For people who work in TV advertising, the next five years are bound to be bumpy -- but not because everyone is cutting the cord.
  • Agency Evolution Is On The Horizon
    Still, agencies still charge too much for undifferentiated services and are not competitive with in-sourcing and contractor resources.
  • Thoughts On Thoughtfulness
    Why do I keep writing this column? To contribute to the dissemination of thoughtfulness -- even in a small way.
  • Facebook Needs You Now
    The most dangerous thing that could happen to Facebook is if thoughtful, reasonable, engaged people drop out of the platform.
  • The Simple Truth About Storytelling
    If you want people to share your story, it has to be both memorable and simple.
  • Pay Attention: It Just Might Save You
    The opposite of paying attention is multitasking, and multitasking makes you stupid. I saw a study that said multitasking actually decreases your productivity by as much as 40%.
  • It's Not Whether We Like Advertising, But If We ACCEPT Advertising
    Even with the best programmatic algorithms currently being used, the vast majority of the targeted advertising presented to me is off the mark.
  • Reporters Are A Pain -- It's Their Job
    Let's just be clear: The really good journalists are a HUGE pain in the ass. They ask impertinent questions, they poke and prod at the halls of power.
  • Four Key Marketing Ecosystem Trends
    I was privy to a great cross-section of hot topics, opinions, new ideas and great work while attending a few industry conferences over the last month.
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