• The Evolution Of Growth
    Humanity has always aimed for growth. In today's world, growth is still a thing, but the focus is shifting toward "smart" and sustainable growth.
  • Making The Future Of Advertising More Human
    However efficient software-born automation and cloud-driven centralization have made our industry, it is critical that we also preserve and rebuild its humanity.
  • The End of Ad-Free Streaming?
    Consumers do not like their content interrupted, so why do we keep interrupting them? Streamers have an entire ecosystem of monetization opportunities to explore.
  • It's All In How You Spin It
    I generally get about 100 PR pitches a week. Here, I go deeper into one pitch -- and remember why I don't trust AI in the hands of for-profit corporations.
  • I'm Going On A Media Diet
    Why? Two reasons: an overabundance of choices, and the growing incursion of advertisements in virtually every aspect of media.
  • The Surprising Emotion At The Heart Of Great Ads
    All the greatest ads are surprising. They can be surprisingly dramatic, fun, or touching. Without the surprise, none of the other emotions land.
  • How You Can Help Ukraine Win The Information War
    Among the ways to help: Ukraine entrepreneurs need funding, mentorship and business development support.
  • How Cable May Have Just Sunk Its Own Ships
    Charter is now offering the same services that threaten its core business, as more consumers jump ship from cable to streaming packages,
  • The Challenge In Regulating AI
    It's like repainting the deck railings on the Titanic the day before it hit the iceberg. It's not what you know that's going to get you, it's what you don't.
  • Is This The Worst Job In America?
    Do the profits at CVS come at a cost for employees, pharmacists, and consumers?
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