• Where Did The Sunday Comics Go?
    The world would be better off if we read the Sunday comics again. I went to look for them, but I didn't know where to look anymore.
  • The Dilemma Of The Middle-Aged Marketer
    The Dilemma hit me when I made the mistake of asking myself why I was doing what I did for a living.
  • Subscription Costs Pile Up
    In an increasingly large series of little bites, the monthly "rental" bill is growing quickly, with no signs of slowing down.
  • Survival Of The Fattest
    Agency holding companies are fat and are getting fatter, investing heavily in data-driven marketing service providers.
  • It's Time For Complete Transparency In Digital Ad Data Rebates
    Does it matter whether undisclosed fees are being paid to DSPs, SSPs or agencies where data is transacted? Of course it matters.
  • How Much TV Do You Actually Watch?
    You pay for the privilege of accessing thousands of television shows, but how many are really on your viewing radar?
  • Data Does NOT Equal People
    Data is a thin, wispy proxy for the rich bandwidth of the real world. It should be just one tool among many for marketers.
  • Zagat Reborn
    It wasn't that long ago that the name Zagat meant the foodie bible. Then, in a flash, it was gone -- seemingly beyond repair. Now, it's coming back.
  • Facebook's Libra, Calibra Are Terrible Ideas
    In practice, if the cryptocurrency called Libra belongs to anyone, it's to Facebook. It also owns Calibra, a wallet that allows you to access Libra.
  • We Need More Expensive Advertising
    "Better to reach the right person in the right context once, even if [it's] expensive," than to reach that person many times in wrong, though cheaper, places.
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