• Facebook's Libra, Calibra Are Terrible Ideas
    In practice, if the cryptocurrency called Libra belongs to anyone, it's to Facebook. It also owns Calibra, a wallet that allows you to access Libra.
  • We Need More Expensive Advertising
    "Better to reach the right person in the right context once, even if [it's] expensive," than to reach that person many times in wrong, though cheaper, places.
  • Media Sales: Don't Overlook The Human Connection
    I really wish that connecting to me on LinkedIn were not the primary way for a media salesperson to reach out and try to get a foot in the door.
  • Is There Still Room In Today's Marketing World For Rick Steves?
    U.S. travel writer and TV personality Rick Steves is -- well, there's no really kind way to put this -- a weenie.
  • Prime Day: Buyer Beware
    With Amazon's Prime Day now on everyone's mind, you can't blame consumers for a bit of skepticism about which product "deals" are really deals.
  • Repair Before You Replace
    What I learned from my quest fix a an expensive amplifier at two very different sound equipment shops.
  • 1st-Party Data Is Overrated, Misunderstood
    The suggestion that success will result from mere ownership of a "first-party data asset" is misleading at best.
  • The Path To Cutting The Cord
    The issue is not whether you can easily cut the cord or not. The challenge lies in what you're replacing your cords with.
  • The Marie Kondo Effect: Our Quest For Control
    When the world seems increasingly bizarre and unpredictable, we look for things we can still control, like the contents of our sock drawer.
  • What Robots Can't Do
    in the end, robots don't lay brick, or carpeting, or install light fixtures, or hang wallpaper -- or do hundreds of other jobs that require human hands, math and labor.
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