• Tech Giants' Scale Risks Stifling Innovation
    An environment comprising a small handful of enormous companies makes it harder for the next Henry Ford or Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg to emerge.
  • Open Workspaces Don't Work -- But Outdoor Spaces Do
    At first, I used to hide it, my dirty little secret. Someone on a call would say, "Is that a bird chirping?" I was a closet outdoor worker.
  • AI Makes Your Media... Better!
    Without AI now powering the customizing of customer recommendations, it would take you forever to forage through and find the content you truly enjoy.
  • Why We No Longer Want To Know What's True
    We're developing a weird relationship with the truth. It's becoming even more inconvenient, and more worrisome.
  • Five Stars -- Or Ratings Purgatory?
    Does the automated system of review and punishment actually improve the quality of the service that we're receiving?
  • Buying An Online Ad Is Like Booking An Airline Ticket
    Digital ad pricing is about as clear as mud -- in the same way airlines' fees can be wildly different for two seats right next to each other.
  • Are National TV Ads Actually Too Cheap?
    Did you know that the average price across all national TV advertising in the U.S. is less than $2.50 CPM?
  • Why The Media Is Not 'The Enemy Of The People'
    These are some strange times we live in. The President of the United States is literally calling the media the "enemy of the American people."
  • Deconstructing The Google/Facebook Duopoly
    To have a duopoly, you need domination and control. In 2017, Google and Facebook together took a 59% slice of all digital ad revenues in the U.S. Google captured 38.6% of that, with Facebook capturing 20%.
  • Spike Lee Takes On The KKK, Trump -- And Race
    Spike Lee's "BlackKklansman" is a comedy -- until it's not. It's a history lesson, and a prophetic warning
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