• When Will Amazon Give Us TVs For Free?
    You can make a lot of money in digital home products and services, but controlling the TV provides critical leverage to getting it.
  • When It Comes To Customers, Read The Room
    Dear Ford: There's a delicate balance between getting customers excited and potentially crossing a line and making them upset.
  • Why Is Willful Ignorance More Dangerous Now?
    For one, the willfully ignorant are very easily consolidated into a power base for politicians willing to play to their beliefs.
  • The Mystery Of The Maskless Rider
    As New York begins to return to life, I'm doing something I once thought impossible: riding the subway. In the past few weeks, a growing mystery has me puzzled - the Mystery of the Maskless Rider.
  • Could The Facebook Empire Be Crumbling?
    With ineffectual blow after ineffectual blow doing nothing more than superficial damage, it seems the Facebook empire is here to stay. But there may be cracks in the hegemony.
  • Will Nielsen Kerfuffle Kill The GRP?
    If we are lucky, the conflict between Nielsen, the VAB and MRC will kill the sex/age, demo-defined gross rating point as the primary planning, buying and measurement metric that drives virtually all U.S. television ad spend -- the real nemesis to modernizing the TV and video ad industry.
  • I Don't Think I Like Social Media Anymore
    I don't like the emotional impact of social media. It is addictive. It perpetuates a false state of contentment,
  • Making Sense Of Willful Ignorance
    The very same technology that enables willful ignorance has made more information available than ever before.
  • Don't Blame Facebook
    Growing criticism of Facebook for fake news and misinformation isn't unwarranted -- but in some ways, it misses the larger point.
  • We Are Officially In The Post-Traditional-TV Era
    We are no longer seeing the slow evolution of video content; we are living in the first phase of the post-evolution.
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