• Why Are CTV Ad Rates So High?
    It's a classic situation of lots of money chasing a relatively small amount of CTV ad inventory.
  • Using Opportunity To See, Engage As Primary Campaign Metrics
    In a digital world, we often overlook two important metrics for brand development: the opportunity to see and the opportunity to engage.
  • Re-Engineering The Workplace
    I want to take another look at the pros and cons of a virtual workplace by exploring how music has been made over the past several decades.
  • Let's Talk About Trust
    Faction -- the more salacious, the better -- often draws an audience far more effectively than its boring, fact-based brethren.
  • Human Behavior And The COVID Vaccine
    if you're POTUS, trying to vaccinate enough of the population to achieve herd immunity, you have a persuasion, marketing and sociology problem.
  • Focusing On What's Important
    This is one of those times of year that seem to call for some extra reflection. So here goes:
  • How To Become 'The Wizard Of Aahhhhs'
    In a world of constant change, where do you find your inspiration for new ideas?
  • Adrift In The Metaverse
    The metaverse is a world of our own making, where we imagine we can fix what we screwed up in the maddeningly unpredictable real world.
  • The Dying Art Of Marketing Magic
    Marketing is both art and science, wisdom and magic. But where are the current ads that make us think, laugh or take notice?
  • The Ratings War
    This is our big chance to find out whether the marketplace values a common, universal measure over an accurate or a certified measure.
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