• Self-Driving Cars? We're Already In Danger
    Uber's crash of a self-driving car brings reflections on using technology to make the world a better place -- for everyone.
  • Cambridge Analytica Mess Will Deepen Moats Around Walled Gardens Of Digital World
    I don't think I have a better-formed point of view on this issue than anyone else - but I do believe there are some pretty safe bets on what the most likely consequences will be. Here's what I think will happen:
  • The Trials And Tribulations Of Facebook, Snap
    Facebook and Snap are the two leaders in what was originally referred to as social media when they launched - but they have quickly morphed to become platforms. The impending question is, exactly what kind of platform do they think they truly are?
  • WTF Tech
    Do you need a Kuvee? Wait. Don't answer yet. Let me first tell you what a Kuvee is: It's a $178 wine bottle that connects to WiFi. Ok, let's try again. Do you need a Kuvee?
  • Is It Time To Rethink What We Call News?
    Let's start by leaving Donald Trump out of the equation. Certainly the emergence of the Presidential Tweet and the use of the phrase "fake news" indiscriminately to tarnish anything that he disagrees with complicates the matter. But the current news economy was facing a crisis and a crossroad long before Trump. Here are five ways news can be reimagined:
  • Facebook, WPP, Publicis Work On Their Future
    I guess we have to talk about Facebook first. I was astonished to catch a recent Facebook Live broadcast in which Vice President Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson hosted a conversation with Sir Richard Branson and his daughter Holly about - I kid you not - combining purpose and profit to change the world.
  • To Make TV Advertising Better, Clients Must Talk Directly To Sellers
    TV advertising can be made much better: better for brands, for networks, for viewers. But this won't happen until TV advertisers speak directly to TV ad sellers. With a new array of advanced TV ad products, there is so much that they need to talk about - but unfortunately, the traditional TV media agency's aperture just isn't wide or robust enough to facilitate all the communications that need to happen today.
  • The Value Of Genuine Relationships At Work
    Sales and marketing are people-oriented businesses built on relationships. Unfortunately, a lot of these relationships are "fake," meaning your associates don't have much interest in you as a person, but are more interested in you as a representative of an opportunity. The quickest way to find this out is to move from one job to another and see whose perspective on you changes along with the role.
  • Why Do Cities Work?
    Cities are perhaps the best example of how complex adaptive systems can work in the real world. As the world becomes a more complex and connected place, they may be the answer to our future.
  • Reddit CEO Takes On The_Donald, Russians -- But 'Pulls His Punches'
    Reddit CEO Steve Huffman arrived at SXSW with a difficult mission. Having just been drawn into the federal government's Russian election investigation, he was anxious to be open and transparent, while saying as little as possible. That's hard to do.
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