• What We Get Wrong About Forgiveness
    It's NOT: You do something wrong, I get mad at you, and then, through my infinite capacity for compassion and love, I forgive you.
  • Everyone Looks Alike To Today's Lookalikes
    The true lookalike links between most segment members have become tenuous at best and most likely specious.
  • The Eclipse Of Social Media?
    Social media popularity tends to operate in cycles, with an initial hook, then fast growth, then a plateau.
  • My Many Problems With The Metaverse
    If you think criminals aren't eying metaverse's opportunies, I have a virtual time-share condo in the heart of meta-Boca Raton to sell you.
  • 3 Ideas To Ponder As 2022 Ends
    Here's one: The metaverse is - for now (?) - a joke.
  • 4 Things We'll See In 2023
    For one, the ad recession will last longer than most hope.
  • Do We Really Need Twitter?
    It's the logical successor for the open-publishing aspect of the web, but its only real value is that it amasses an audience and generated reach.
  • In Search Of A Little Good News
    Enough crappy stuff has piled up this past year without me putting a toxic cherry on top with my last post of the year.
  • WaPo's Taylor Lorenz Defends TikTok, Gets Banned From Twitter
    "I received zero communication from the company on why I was suspended or what terms I violated," Lorenz posted.
  • Educating For The Future
    The hand-wringing surrounding ChatGPT continues, with some complaining that the college essay is dead.
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