• Joe Biden Takes On Section 230: Web Freedom Vs. Accountability
    The future of the internet as we know it may be riding on the preservation or renovation of Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.
  • Here's Why Facebook Won't Do The Obvious
    I'm all for fixing the way Facebook has poisoned our political discourse. But straight up banning political ads isn't it.
  • How Can 2020 Be Year Of AVOD When Ad-Free SVODs Are Practically Free?
    2020 and the couple of years after are going to be really, really tough for ad-supported streaming services to get real traction.
  • What Happens When (Ad Tech) Innovation Stops?
    I was underwhelmed by the new products at CES, including nothing from the ad-tech industry.
  • Let's Get Uncomfortable -- Before It's Too Late
    Let's admit that we're human, that we err, and that -- sometimes -- the other side just might be right about some things.
  • The Startup Accelerator Economy
    With 7,000 choices around the world, the startup accelerator space is frothy but confusing. What makes a program work? How do startups fare in various programs?
  • What Is It With Facebook Not Doing The Obvious?
    Why won't Facebook ban the whole political spectrum of ads, content, posts, etc.?
  • Platform-Driven TV Advertising Is Mainstreaming, Finally
    Among signs of mainstreaming: Virtually every TV network, major media agency and top 100 advertiser now has an advanced TV ad strategy.
  • Will 5G Have Impact In 2020?
    Since there are more and more connected devices battling for bandwidth, will the end consumer actually feel the benefits of 5G?
  • A Troubling Prognostication
    Social media based on an advertising revenue model is a cancerous growth -- and we have to shut off its blood flow.
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