• The Most Critical Leadership Skill For The Coming Decade
    According to a recent survey of 150 C-suite executives around the world, the No. 1 characteristic our leaders need is courage.
  • Advertiser Leadership Critical For Cross-Channel Video Ad Measurement
    TV and digital video measurements may be bought in silos today, but they shouldn't be measured that way.
  • How Big Is Your Ego?
    Overcompensation with ego can be detrimental to everything you do. I feel I can safely say that over-ego is the root of all evil.
  • The Fundamentals Of An Evil Marketplace
    Corporate ethics are usually based on the philosophies of Milton Friedman, an economist whose heyday was in the 1970s -- so a rule book tragically out of date.
  • My Supermarket(s) Are In Danger
    About Fairway's Chapter 11 filing, and how it impacts my food shopping.
  • Facebook Should Absolutely Ban Or Regulate All Political Advertising
    if Facebook banned all political ads, we basically go back to BFB (Before Facebook). Politics happened back then, but minus the unchecked falsehoods.
  • Video Games As Part Of TV Ad Ecosystem
    The answer to video game industry's historical challenges is to pivot its ad businesses into the TV ad ecosystem.
  • Marketers Are Going To Be OK With Google's Killing The Cookie (For Good)
    Are you ready for a Google-centric advertising world?
  • Why Good Tech Companies Keep Being Evil
    Business as usual at a successful tech firm means there will be elemental aspects of the culture that take a company down the path to being evil.
  • Joe Biden Takes On Section 230: Web Freedom Vs. Accountability
    The future of the internet as we know it may be riding on the preservation or renovation of Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.
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