• Goodnight, Hollywood Boulevard
    It's seriously mind-boggling just how deep this practice of isolation and social distancing goes, and the impact it has on the entertainment world.
  • Quibi Pre-Launch Numbers Already Big
    It could be the first runaway hit of the stay-at-home season, or it could be a massive miss.
  • Purpose And Marketing In A Time Of Crisis
    If you understand what business you're in, you'll understand how to use your purpose to approach your customers with empathy.
  • We Don't Need Upfront To Vanish -- Just To Change
    How will the industry change? Consider some of the modifications to the upfront strategists have proposed in the past.
  • A Little Isolation Might Bring Us Closer Together
    Sometimes the best in us can come out in the worst of situations.
  • A Lesson To Learn From The Lost Generation
    The vast majority of us have never been through anything like this crisis before -- but others have. They were called the Lost Generation.
  • Building Team Practices Into Virtual Work
    Here are some practices that might be useful to you -- from the morning meeting to deciding on preferred communication platforms.
  • Think Twice Before Extending Agencies' Payment Terms
    How motivating is it to tell agencies, "We won't pay you until three months after you've done the work"?
  • Four Decades of Pent-Up Need For Changes Will Upend TV Ad World
    Expect more video consumption and fragmentation among platforms, particularly with the loss of live sports and other aspects of tentpole TV.
  • Giving Virtual Events A More Tangible Element
    Virtual events can have a "tangible" element associated with them, if you are a a little ingenious and willing to try something new.
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