• Whipped Into A Frenzy
    Let's begin by unpacking the psychology of a pandemic. Then we'll add the social media lens.
  • Apps To Provide Calm
    During a stressful time, let's use technology to find a way to calm our nerves, regroup, and plan safely and smartly.
  • On COVID-19: Urging A Certain Kind Of Urgency
    Let's be clear: No matter how severe the situation, we should not be freaking out.
  • TV Is THE Metaphor For Video's Future
    New devices have neither supplanted television's unique role in delivering video, nor come as close as TV to shaping video content itself.
  • Coronavirus Taking Bigger Bite Out Of Third-Party Cookies
    If the pressure on third-party cookies wasn't enough to damage the future of the open platform digital ad space, COVID-19 will take it over the top.
  • Bubbles, Bozos, The Mediocrity Sandwich
    The Bozo Explosion is somewhat unique to tech start-ups, while the Mediocrity Sandwich lives in middle management.
  • Virtual Conferences Take Hold
    As live events are canceled due to health concerns, there's now a chance to experiment with digital events to replace in-person gatherings.
  • Will The Coronavirus Finally Make The Upfronts Go Away?
    If most or all upfront events are canned, perhaps advertisers will realize they don't need those events to begin with.
  • The Gummed-Up Data Machine
    Regulators seem blissfully unaware that their actions regarding privacy are helping Facebook and Google assert their already huge scale advantage.
  • Accelerated Rise Of Remote Work Is Upon Us
    This transformation of the workplace is inevitable, and it is now being accelerated by fears of the coronavirus.
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