• Finding The Space To Overthink
    The benefits of "overthinking" expansive thoughts that won't get interrupted, while in a peaceful locale, can't be overstated.
  • Sundance Festival: Who We Are, Who We Were
    My takes on documentaries I saw about actors Michael J Fox and Brooke Shields, and fashion activist Bethann Hardison.
  • Proof Of Human
    Look at the current crop of generative AI. Imagine the next generation. And ask yourself: How can we prove an entity is human?
  • Does DOJ + GOOG = GO + OG?
    Most expect that the desired outcome of this week's antitrust lawsuit against Google will be the separation of Google's ad-tech businesses.
  • Never Get Comfortable
    To survive in a continually changing landscape, settle in with some level of discomfort and always ask, "Is there a different way to do this?"
  • Older? Sure. Wiser? Debatable.
    If only one generation could vote, and if everyone's future depended on that vote, which generation would you choose to receive the ballots?
  • From Kim's Video To Netflix: Movie Distribution Evolves
    Netflix's shift from DVDs to streaming revolutionized online video, while Kim's Video -- once NYC's premier spot for video rental -- has had a surprising reinvention.
  • Is It Time To Return To Twitter Advertising?
    Did you stop because you were principled? Or was it because you had genuine content concerns and wanted to ride out the storm before, perhaps, coming back?
  • The Long-Term Silver Lining Of Tech Company Layoffs
    There's high potential for magic in the mixing of great tech talent wanting to work and make a difference, and tech-needy institutions needing high-quality help.
  • The Future Of 'Star Wars'
    "Star Wars'" future seems to lie with Disney+'s "Andor," which is set in that universe, but does not address any of the original narratives.
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