• Linda Yaccarino's Call To Fix TV Advertising And Its Measurement
    "We have a problem. You know it, I know it, we all know it." That's how Linda Yaccarino, chairman of advertising sales and client partnerships at NBCUniversal, greeted participants at a summit she organized earlier this week in New York City to talk about issues in TV ad measurement.
  • 3 Things You'll Be Talking About In 2018
    More automation, more voice technology, less blockchain: Here are my predictions for what you can look forward to in 2018.
  • The Retrofitting Of Broadcasting
    I returned to my broadcast school for a visit last week. Yes, it was nostalgic, but it was also kind of weird. Here's why:
  • Communication: The 2018 Edition
    Today, the digital lines between business and personal have changed. So here are the new rules of the road for how communication works in the always-on world of business.
  • Embracing The Totality Of Thanksgiving
    It's depressing to contemplate the totality of our complicity in the state of the world, and not just in the context of historical atrocities. It's depressing for me to consider my air travel's impact on the planet, or the fact that some of my clothes were almost certainly made in sweatshops. But if I want to have a hope of growing as a human, my first job is to see myself clearly and honestly -- just as, if we want to have a hope of becoming a more inclusive, more thoughtful, more compassionate society, our first job is to see …
  • Is Original Programming Worth Billions Of Dollars?
    I see the news tout the volume of spending by companies like Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Amazon for original programming, but is there ROI against these massive spends? Will companies ever recoup these costs?
  • Why I Go To A Store
    I hate shopping. Let me clarify: I hate the physical experience of shopping. I find no joy in a mall. I avoid department stores like the plague. If I can buy it online, I will. Except I don't always click to shop. Why? I should be the gold standard of e-commerce targets. And most of the time, I am. Except when I'm not. Take home improvement stuff, for instance. I still drive down to my local Home Depot, even though I can order online.
  • How 'Free' Killed Video, And What We Can Do To Save It
    Remember: Video isn't free to make. Video isn't free to store. Video isn't free to deliver. As long as YouTube continues to rely on its big brother Google's ad revenue to underwrite its video losses, the video space is stuck, unable to connect revenues, audiences and makers.
  • Digital Is NOT Making Us Smarter
    The new paradigm I would like to propose is that digital "everything" is making us more accountable and transparent -- but not smarter. Let me explain.
  • Why Have TV Viewers Stopped Channel Surfing?
    We all know the headlines about television these days: "Massive ratings declines." "Prime time down." "TV dying as viewers cut the cord." Do these really tell the whole story about the behaviors of U.S. TV viewers, and the health of TV as media? Not exactly.
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